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Friday, January 3, 2020

I Started With Rose McGowan - Where It Took Me You Won't Believe! 01/03/2020

This ‘Dig’ is inspired by one of my brothers in the family of #WWG1WGA…

It started after I saw this on his feed…

This is Rose McGowan:
For such an outspoken person, on Twitter…
Rose McGowan has been pretty quiet on her YouTube Channel…

With the most recent being a few years ago.

Her website: is pushing her book along with ‘Who she is’...

Her Facebook tells a story too:
If you haven’t heard she’s suing Harvey W.


Going back to her Twitter account I noticed something on her profile…
Just for the heck of it I decided I needed to check this out further and found this:
So there once was an article here written in January the 22nd in 2016 - and it says it was updated last on August 7th, 2017.
Then I thought who is this Brian Dunbar…
Well then I began to feel like I was going down a NASA Rabbit hole but I continued with Charles Bolden

Read up on him yourself! VERY INTERESTING STUFF!

I did dig a little deeper into Charles, going to his Twitter account:
He retweeted this one:
I remembered there are meanings in pictures so…
Prepare yourself….
(Name of file when I downloaded it ‘EMlzavWX0AUouUB’)

Then did a search of the name to see where it would lead me…
And this one made my heart skip…

In the above I found this link:

At this point I took a deep breath and wondered if I should go any further with this…

Okay… they have banded the US from seeing this???
This link is to an email address I didn’t want to go to because my network wasn’t ‘secure’ enough for me but when I tried to right click and save the email address it did but when I went to paste it was the word…’sage’.
Someone with more knowledge than me can dig a little more into it. The link is:


For the heck of it, I did a search for ‘Sage’ on DuckDuckgo and found this!
Now look what happens when I flip 228 New Housing Units in NYC…
So… Did anyone else know about this?

Here is another website:
I’m not sure but they are pushing to sign up for a short, free Webinar to learn more about their training and credentialing.
Wow! I started this dig into Rose and it took me many places tonight! Planet 9 to NASA Astronaut connected to Barack Obama! A retweeted picture with ties to a forenign country blocking their site to be seen from the US and then ties with their copy & paste ‘email’ which was just the word ‘Sage’.
And on a hunch I did a search and it was linked back to ‘SageCare’.
There is an event to keep our eyes open for…

Oh and Q has always told us to follow the money so I found this link too…
I went online to see who they bank with and found this:

If this ‘Dig’ helps just one person toward #TheGreatAwaking then I’ve done my job!

It does take a few hours to do these ‘digs’ and if you can help me out with a donation that would be GREAT!

ThanQ for the inspiration for this ‘Dig’ to open others eyes to another view of how we need to pay attention to the show! @M2Madness Keep up the Great Work!

Give him a follow here:

Be Safe & Be Blessed!
Much Love!

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