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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Hillary Clinton Has a New Job!?

Hillary Clinton Has a New Job!?

Follow this link to find out all the details:

Wait a minute… Didn’t Bill Clinton have something to do with this…
Would that be the same William J Clinton married to Hillary?
You can even follow this on Twitter:

How did I miss this back in 2011? Wait a minute... Let’s look at a few print screens of ‘The Foundation’...
And the last one I am going to share…
Using a baby as a way to collect your email address?

I will say this as I was putting together information for this ‘dig’ this is what happened…
I had to delete and upload again twice!!!

I feel the need to say:
“I am not suicidal” 
The ties of Google run deep with these folks so if my blog, post or I disappear --- you will know what to do!

This is a quick dive to get the word out!

ThanQ my #WWG1WGA Family!

Share with others for the #GreatAwakening

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