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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Where is Hunter?

As I went through my Twitter feed tonight I say ‘Where is Hunter’.

It’s not the first time I have seen or heard that question.

I sat down to do a little digging and here is what I found:

Melissa Cohen, Hunter’s new bride is from South Africa. Her parents are Lee and Zoe Cohen.

You can find everything you want to know about Melissa yet I can’t find anything about Lee, her father.

When I started digging into Zoe Cohen, who I don’t know is her mother or not, but boy what a rabbit hole I found!

Here is the breakdown from 3 hours of work:

I started with a link at only quoting mom. 

I found the linked in account:

Okay, this Zoe Cohen is located in South Africa and is a counsellor who deals with adoptions and surrogacy infertility.

So then I searched her name plus South Africa and found much more…

I checked some of the links:
At this point I thought let me see what’s on the contact page. Where I found there was a form to fill out.

I remembered if you pull up the html of the pages you can find more information...the email address…

So then off to the races I went!
I looked for sites accociated with ‘
Zoe Cohen’s name again.
I did a little surfing this site...
Cryogenics and Stem Cells…
This site links back to ‘Cameroon African’? It’s not southern Africa but Central Africa…
Then I told myself to keep focused… LOL
This pages said “We are recommended by All South Africa’s leading Fertility Clinics.

I went back to the email again and searched some more.

Another site...
I found a Powerpoint with her name on it...

And a PDF too...

There were so many more...

So I decided to dig into

You know I’ve heard it through the grapevine, Joe’s a little creepy…

Hunter owes his daddy big time for ‘Putting’ in a good word for him to get all that money!
When you start to follow the money and know the character traits and ‘habits’ will always give you away!

So in this dig I found Hunter married into a ‘connection’ or ‘endless supply’ of what the ‘deep state satanist’ need for their rituals. 

Hey I’m just a nobody at a keyboard doing some reading.
So I might not know ‘Where’s Hunter’ but I do believe that quick wedding was for more than the love of his new bride.

So does Lee Cohen have ties back to the Pentagon…

Probably not… but share with me when you find the real “Lee Cohen” I’d like to compare notes!