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Monday, January 27, 2020

Impeachment to the left of me Rallies to the Right...

Just proof that the MSM is not being honest about our President - YOUR President 
Donald J. Trump


Boeing 777X Successfully Completes First Test Flight


Delta Airlines Fined $50,000 For Removing 3 Muslim Passengers

(Source: )

Afghan plane crash: Mystery over crash in Taliban territory - BBC News

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

2 Missiles???

The Iranian Who Got The Video Of Two Missiles Striking The Ukrainian Plane Fears He Will Be Arrested

Thanks to John Carman who pointed me in the right direction with this one. 
You can follow him on Twitter here
And do help this true 'Whistleblower' at his Patreon account here

You can find more details at the link below

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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Elizabeth Warren - 01/09/2020

I saw a post from my friend IPOT which caught my eye…
It was about Elizabeth Warren…
Notice the book in the background?
It looks to be the only one facing in a different direction from all the other…
So I started to dig the title of the book + Elizabeth Warren and this is what I found…

I then went to the link:
After going to the link it didn’t mention Elizabeth Warren in it at all!

To dig deeper you’ll have to sign up to search or post.

As I searched some more I found this…

I couldn’t really find a tie there so for the heck of it - I did a search for  Nye & Company + Elizabeth Warren.

Now when I tried to download the picture the name is “NINTCHDBPICT000459013694-e1546693897869”

That’s when it gets interesting!
I know right!

When I got to this one…
That pretty much sums up all the 2020 Democrats!

So in closing, I know there is some sort of message she’s sending with the original picture:

Someone else can dig a little harder to see if you can find anything besides the fact she is subliminally trying to send a signal about her Rembrandt Tax.

I hope you had fun reading this and to my Brothers & Sisters remember: #WWG1WGA!

Be Safe and Be Blessed!

ThanQ for your Feedback!

Friday, January 3, 2020

I Started With Rose McGowan - Where It Took Me You Won't Believe! 01/03/2020

This ‘Dig’ is inspired by one of my brothers in the family of #WWG1WGA…

It started after I saw this on his feed…

This is Rose McGowan:
For such an outspoken person, on Twitter…
Rose McGowan has been pretty quiet on her YouTube Channel…

With the most recent being a few years ago.

Her website: is pushing her book along with ‘Who she is’...

Her Facebook tells a story too:
If you haven’t heard she’s suing Harvey W.


Going back to her Twitter account I noticed something on her profile…
Just for the heck of it I decided I needed to check this out further and found this:
So there once was an article here written in January the 22nd in 2016 - and it says it was updated last on August 7th, 2017.
Then I thought who is this Brian Dunbar…
Well then I began to feel like I was going down a NASA Rabbit hole but I continued with Charles Bolden

Read up on him yourself! VERY INTERESTING STUFF!

I did dig a little deeper into Charles, going to his Twitter account:
He retweeted this one:
I remembered there are meanings in pictures so…
Prepare yourself….
(Name of file when I downloaded it ‘EMlzavWX0AUouUB’)

Then did a search of the name to see where it would lead me…
And this one made my heart skip…

In the above I found this link:

At this point I took a deep breath and wondered if I should go any further with this…

Okay… they have banded the US from seeing this???
This link is to an email address I didn’t want to go to because my network wasn’t ‘secure’ enough for me but when I tried to right click and save the email address it did but when I went to paste it was the word…’sage’.
Someone with more knowledge than me can dig a little more into it. The link is:


For the heck of it, I did a search for ‘Sage’ on DuckDuckgo and found this!
Now look what happens when I flip 228 New Housing Units in NYC…
So… Did anyone else know about this?

Here is another website:
I’m not sure but they are pushing to sign up for a short, free Webinar to learn more about their training and credentialing.
Wow! I started this dig into Rose and it took me many places tonight! Planet 9 to NASA Astronaut connected to Barack Obama! A retweeted picture with ties to a forenign country blocking their site to be seen from the US and then ties with their copy & paste ‘email’ which was just the word ‘Sage’.
And on a hunch I did a search and it was linked back to ‘SageCare’.
There is an event to keep our eyes open for…

Oh and Q has always told us to follow the money so I found this link too…
I went online to see who they bank with and found this:

If this ‘Dig’ helps just one person toward #TheGreatAwaking then I’ve done my job!

It does take a few hours to do these ‘digs’ and if you can help me out with a donation that would be GREAT!

ThanQ for the inspiration for this ‘Dig’ to open others eyes to another view of how we need to pay attention to the show! @M2Madness Keep up the Great Work!

Give him a follow here:

Be Safe & Be Blessed!
Much Love!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Hillary Clinton Has a New Job!?

Hillary Clinton Has a New Job!?

Follow this link to find out all the details:

Wait a minute… Didn’t Bill Clinton have something to do with this…
Would that be the same William J Clinton married to Hillary?
You can even follow this on Twitter:

How did I miss this back in 2011? Wait a minute... Let’s look at a few print screens of ‘The Foundation’...
And the last one I am going to share…
Using a baby as a way to collect your email address?

I will say this as I was putting together information for this ‘dig’ this is what happened…
I had to delete and upload again twice!!!

I feel the need to say:
“I am not suicidal” 
The ties of Google run deep with these folks so if my blog, post or I disappear --- you will know what to do!

This is a quick dive to get the word out!

ThanQ my #WWG1WGA Family!

Share with others for the #GreatAwakening