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Thursday, January 9, 2020

Elizabeth Warren - 01/09/2020

I saw a post from my friend IPOT which caught my eye…
It was about Elizabeth Warren…
Notice the book in the background?
It looks to be the only one facing in a different direction from all the other…
So I started to dig the title of the book + Elizabeth Warren and this is what I found…

I then went to the link:
After going to the link it didn’t mention Elizabeth Warren in it at all!

To dig deeper you’ll have to sign up to search or post.

As I searched some more I found this…

I couldn’t really find a tie there so for the heck of it - I did a search for  Nye & Company + Elizabeth Warren.

Now when I tried to download the picture the name is “NINTCHDBPICT000459013694-e1546693897869”

That’s when it gets interesting!
I know right!

When I got to this one…
That pretty much sums up all the 2020 Democrats!

So in closing, I know there is some sort of message she’s sending with the original picture:

Someone else can dig a little harder to see if you can find anything besides the fact she is subliminally trying to send a signal about her Rembrandt Tax.

I hope you had fun reading this and to my Brothers & Sisters remember: #WWG1WGA!

Be Safe and Be Blessed!

ThanQ for your Feedback!

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