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Thursday, June 11, 2020

#Secret Service + New Q Post

#Secret Service was trending early after @realDonaldTrump
posted this morning…
Original post:
When I read this I knew this was something we should be
paying attention to because 
Of course President Trump knows this! He is really good at
grabbing attention here
So they don’t look there.. right?
What about that S.S.?
Let’s start with #180
There is not a fluke folks… Notice what I typed in:
Not EVERY number will be important but I think this next one is
something to look at:
Are we seeing FF’s?
Let’s see what we have seen or not seen about Russia?
A post by the military about Russian planes over Alaska…
North Korea…
Marines... this post let's just see what's happening in the News for Germany...
And does anyone remember just a few days ago in Pakistan?

culture-in-spotlight/articleshow/76206402.cms )
And there is this... 

Updates: From the board this morning & afternoon:

Remember in the end God Wins!
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