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Sunday, May 24, 2020

What a talent!

I want for you to give this guy a listen. He is a 'hidden gem' and so dang talented!

My son told me all about him and his story and I had to share it with you guys.

Here is his story:

Rya James Fraser was born in Birmingham Alabama May 21st 1986. His first few years were lived in Tuscaloosa Al but in 2nd grade his family relocated to a small town in west Texas called Big Spring. Rya first performed music at a show and tell in 2nd grade playing "Louie Louie" on a kids acoustic guitar. Raised on 60's rock and Motown by his father, he gained a deep love for The Beatles, his favorite band to this day. Ringo made him want to play drums and Rya was given a set of drums at the age of 8. By the age of 11 Rya was gigging in West Tx on drums with local bands. In high school a love of punk rock got him playing guitar again and forming punk bands with friends. Junior year of high school he again relocated to Fayetteville North Carolina. More punk bands followed in NC. By the time a year had gone by after graduating from high school Rya was gigging again with his jam band Pagoda. In 2007 he formed the rock and reggae band The Guruvs. This band changed members off and on but lasted until 2015 in some form or another. Rya in late 2015 changed the name to Rya James Fraser and the Lone Souls, more focused on the many forms of Blues music.
Known as a guitar virtuoso, Rya has played all over the country, with multiple famous artists, and hosted guitar clinics and taught lessons in many places. On tour in 2011 Rya was involved in a car accident when he was rear ended by someone asleep at the wheel. After dying and coming back, brain surgery,broken vertebre, collapsed lungs,and months in the hospital,only a few weeks after being released from the hospital Rya was back on stage performing again. His other creative outputs include finishing his first book about his experiences in life and music, drawing and painting, Martial arts,Poetry,composing classical music,photography,film making,acting,and making clothing.

His dream is to make a living with his music and continue to make people happy with it.

How about you guys giving him a share to two?

He is so talented and needs likes and follows on his YouTube and also reach out to him on his website. He needs his spirits lifted right now in his struggle to make ends meet!

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