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Monday, November 18, 2019

John F Kennedy Jr and Joe Biden Connection in Released FBI files

The following contains FBI files
(Please excuse different sizes in this post)

Has anyone done a dive into the FBI documents which connect John F Kennedy Jr and Joe Biden?

The report is 180 pages with a lot of them unreadable.

It starts off with a report of a kidnapping.

It continues with so many redactions it’s hard to put the pieces together.
By page 20…
I’m scratching my head and want to dig more to find deleted pages…

All these redactions… then the next one in the file is a page number out of order…

“Armed and Dangerous”... yet so many redactions?
Pages and pages of black out information… Why?
Then on page 42…
Why is the sex blacked out? Who could or would want John F. Kennedy Jr. Dead?
All of this blacked out! Is it a man or woman? No birthday or AKA? 
After looking through these I noticed on one they didn’t redact the class of Driver's License which was a Class D.
Ummm ‘D-Class’ - Staying focused I found this…
The above was from a search on Google.
This one by another search engine…
According to this person in question ‘they’ were no younger than 17… Wait a minute - 17?
More digging…
Page after page of redactions or unreadable pages until I made it to this…
That is page 153 of 180.
Now the twist with Biden begins…
This was written on November 25th of 1994…

Take note of the Envelope Q1 & Letter Q2
Now enters the word…
“TRAITOR”. Q has many posts on this! Two stuck out in my search…
We are seeing the PAIN now!
So I did more diving…

Sorry it’s so hard to read but it’s what they have online…

Now here it gets even more interesting… Again with the ‘Q’! (Remember with the FBI reports a lot of  pages will seem to repeat the information from different departments)

And a lot is very hard to make out…
Reading this without going any further I read ‘Negative’ on the handwriting. This is signed in August 16th, 1994, so I headed to the ‘Board’ and put in the highlight above…
Well, well, well ‘Q’ - The last post you gave us before going dark!
The next 4 pages in the FBI report are unreadable.
Page 173...tell me what you see?
Or this one…

Page 175…

This one stuck to me and … I didn’t know why so I did a search..
So I dug a little bit to find this…
And there is a whole bunch of tidbits at this link!
Here’s a juicy bite…
Now I’m not going to share everything on this site but I will quote this part:

Cohen was one of the few members of Policy Planning kept on by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He played a role in helping shape counter-radicalization strategies and advised on US policy towards Iran and the Middle East. Beginning in April 2009, Cohen aided delegations focused on connecting technology executives with local stakeholders in Iraq, Russia, Mexico, Congo, and Syria.[19][20]
In the midst of the June 2009 protests in Iran, Cohen sought to support the opposition in Iran. He contacted Twitter, requesting that the company not perform planned maintenance that would have temporarily shut down service in Iran, because the protestors were using Twitter to maintain contact with the outside world. According to The New Yorker Ryan Lizza, "The move violated Obama's rule of non-interference, and White House officials were furious." In an interview with Clinton, she "did not betray any disagreement with the President over Iran policy," but "cited Cohen's move with pride."[21]
While serving on the Policy Planning Staff, Cohen became an advisor to Richard Holbrooke, who was the first Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. He took several trips with Holbrooke to Afghanistan, where he helped develop some of the early strategic communications strategies.[22]
Cohen was among the early adopters of social media in the U.S. government. In April 2010, Cohen had the third largest number of Twitter followers in the US government, behind Barack Obama and John McCain.[8][12] By Sept 2013, he was not in the top 20.[23]
You know how ‘Q’ says “We have it ALL” --
Now back to the FBI report…
Then the last page 180…
This little journey took about 4 hours so far but well worth it to share with you!
I know I could be way off but do the courts or FBI usually use ‘Q’ right off the bat in a case?

I’m still thinking back to the Q post…
I know he has already been in the spotlight once with this book that came out earlier this year (2019) but remember this picture too…
Volodymr Groysman, was the Prime Minister of Ukraine until August 29th of 2019. 
Was Cohen trying to send a message with his latest book?
Accidental Presidents: Eight Men Who Changed America was written by Cohen in 2019 and is a New York Times Bestseller.[36] According to the Guardian it is "a history of eight vice-presidents who stepped up when their president was removed by fate. It covers the assassinations everyone knows, Lincoln and Kennedy, those some may not, Garfield and McKinley, and what happened when presidents died from natural causes: Harrison, Taylor, Harding, Roosevelt." [37]
I don’t know. But I do find it simply amazing how the FBI report with John F Kennedy Jr. had ties to Biden. 
Now Biden is in the news connected to the Ukraine now. 
There are twist and turns I could continue to take but at 2:22 in the morning as I’m writing this…
I think I will call it a night from this Rabbit hole!
I will leave you with one more thing…

The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 2

The number 2 conveys the meaning of a union, division or the verification of facts by witnesses. A man and woman, though two in number, are made one in marriage (Genesis 2:23 - 24). There is also the union between Christ and the church (see 1Corinthians 12).
The testimony of God is divided into Old and New Testaments. His agreements with mankind are divided into Old and New Covenants. And, though 2 in number, God the Father and God the Son (Jesus Christ) compose a single Godhead.
The first man, Adam, sinned and brought death and destruction into the world. Jesus, however, as the second (or last) Adam brings the hope of the resurrection and eternal life (1Corinthians 15:21 - 22, 45 - 49).
Those who ultimately refuse to repent and obey God will be put to death forever by being thrown into the lake of fire, which is called the second death (Revelation 21:8). This act will eternally divide those who are righteous from those who practiced evil.
At the minimum, the testimony of at least 2 people were needed in the Old Testament to convict someone of a crime or sin. The validity of this teaching of 2 people needed was confirmed by the Apostle Paul (1Timothy 5:19, Titus 3:10).
In the End Time, two witnesses will appear on the world scene to testify and uphold the truth of God against the Beast and the False Prophet (see Revelation 11). Jesus sent the disciples out in groups of 2 so that they could not only testify about his teachings and miracles, but also be witnesses of those who accepted or rejected the gospel (Mark 6:7 - 13).
Two can also convey comparison and contrast. The Old Covenant was based on physical blessings for obedience while the New is based on those that are spiritual.
In the Old Testament physical circumcision was required in order to be considered part of God's people, while the New requires circumcision of the heart. God formerly required obedience only to the "letter" of his laws but now calls upon man to obey their spiritual intent as well.

Appearances of the number two

The word 'God' appears in all books except 2, which are the Song of Solomon and Esther.
The shortest verse in the Bible, which is "Jesus wept" found in John 11:35, contains just two words. Of the ten shortest books, eighth ranked Haggai has only two chapters.
During Creation week God made two great lights, one to rule the day (sun) and a lesser one to rule the night (moon - Genesis 1:16).

To find out more about the number two click here:

Where We Go One We Go All!
Keep fighting the good fight and don’t get sucked into the troll drama along the way!

Much love and ThanQ for all the love!

You can email me your comments to

The FBI file has 180 pages. 
You can dig into to it by clicking on the link below.

FBI File is here
Do a little digging for yourself:

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